Dear Auston

Dear Auston,

I’m not sure if you saw it, but last year before your first game, I wrote you a letter just like this one. In that letter, I spoke about the great things you were going to accomplish, the hope you were going to give to so many, and the inspiration you were going to become to even more.

Last year, I told you about the trials and tribulations this city and it’s hockey fans have been through. You’ve been here for long enough, with this media, you already know them all: no Stanley Cup since ’67, the long playoff drought, the false hope of Phil Kessel. I don’t need to remind you of the many others.

Still, while I knew you would do so much, be so amazing, even I didn’t think what you did would be possible. 40 goals and 29 assists for 69 points, playing every game of the regular season and winning the Calder Trophy as the Rookie of the Year.

I could go on and on about your accomplishments from last year, but as Leafs fans are known to say, there’s always next year – and next year is upon us.

As the Leafs franchise draws a close to their 100 Year Anniversary celebrations, I am sure many fans, and maybe even yourself, are thinking the same thing: it is time to write our own history.

That is what I urge you to do. Write your own history, create a legacy that will last the next 100 years, and the 100 years after that. I know you are capable of it, even just from one season of watching you at your craft.

Your story started a year ago, but a new chapter looms.


Rossy Pasternak

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  1. Eric fein says:

    Rossy great letter to Auston. I trust he will read it and take your advice and encouragement and continue his development and be on his way to being the best us player ever


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