New This Week: Joseph Ember – “Exit Society”

Artwork by: Blake Bohls

By: Adam Pasternak

This past Tuesday, Toronto’s own Joseph Ember, released his brand new single “Exit Society” – the first under his new stage name (formerly Ursa Major). Quinton Sung (a.k.a., “Quin”) took care of the production on the song and clearly went all in on this track (along with Ember). The dynamic duo has produced something that they, and Torontonians everywhere, should be very proud of. The song is incredible and has a bit of everything. There’s a heavy dose of blues, a funky bass line, really nice live drums, and even xylophones. As the duo describes it:

“Exit Society” was first put together on a blazing hot Toronto summer day in Quin’s apartment with no air conditioning. The only thing that could really fit that kind of vibe was a raw, thumping bass line — some kind of summertime skeleton. It had to be bare bones, with the vocals sliding off that. We had xylophones in the chorus to add extra rays of sunshine, and finally a touch of bluesy guitar to round off the drums. Whatever it was, it just worked.”

Keep on the lookout for more music to come from Ember, but for now, here is “Exit Society”:


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