Food: Subway or Mr. Sub?

By: Adam Pasternak

Here in Canada, there has been endless debate about which sub chain reigns supreme: Subway or Mr. Sub? Both are pretty popular, although neither compares to Toronto’s Belly Busters, but that’s not relevant in this conversation. Some of you not as invested in the debate might be thinking, “This is crazy. A sub is a sub, how can one really be better then the other?” Well, you’re somewhat right, but to us sub experts there really is a difference. I’ve heard arguments for both sides, but the best way to truly decide is to taste the difference for yourself. I was introduced to Subway at a young age. You could say it was my “first sub”, and thus arguably the most important sub I’ve ever ingested. I was instantly a fan and have tried almost every sub they’ve ever come out with (other then the crab or lobster or whatever gross fake shit they put on bread last summer). Maybe it was because it was where I ate my first sub, but I think Subway is miles ahead of Mr. Sub (sorry, kilometers – I’m a terrible Canadian). Below, I’ll give my reasons why:

Reason #1: Toasted > Grilled

I mean, who in their right mind wants their sub squished between a panini press? If I wanted a panini I wouldn’t be going to Mr. Sub, I’d probably be hitting up Panera Bread or someshit. Subway has perfected the art of toasting subs. It melts the cheese and heats up the sandwich without ruining the bread. Oh, and their bread is also ten times better. Italian herb and cheese changed my life. Those of you who don’t toast their subs, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.

Reason #2: Efficiency

I don’t know if it’s just my luck or not, but every time I go to Mr. Sub they are always understaffed. I went a couple weeks ago with some friends, and there was only one lady working. It wasn’t a crazy time of the day either, it was around 12:30-1:00 – also known as lunchtime. There should never only be one person working at the busiest time of day.

During the summer, I work at a summer camp up in Haliburton, Ontario (shout-out Matt Duchene). Haliburton is a nice small town in northern Ontario, where there is essentially one main street. On that main street, coincidentally called Main Street, there is the one and only Subway restaurant in Haliburton. It is never not packed with people. The camp even sends out cabins of kids, once in a while, into town to get Subs, and there is never an issue. This particular Subway has the art of making a sub down to a science. I’ve been in there with 25 campers, and we all were eating our subs within 10 minutes of walking into the place. The efficiency of Subway is hands down better than Mr. Sub, and Mr. Sub is not worth waiting for.

Reason #3: The Subway Chipotle Sauce > The Mr. Sub Chipotle Sauce

It’s just better. Chipotle/Southwest/whatever you want to call it-sauce is essential for subs. Not much more needs to be said.


Subway cookies are a staple in my household. It’s almost like an unwritten rule: you don’t go to Subway without ever buying at least two cookies. I usually opt for the “one M&M, one chocolate chunk” combination. They just melt in your mouth, and are almost always fresh. They are also substantially larger then the Mr. Sub cookies, and thus you get more bang for your buck. The Mr. Sub cookies look stale, taste stale, and probably are stale. Subway wins this one by a landslide.

Reason #5: Subway veggies > Mr. Sub veggies

Subway restaurants have vegetable wallpaper for crying out loud. They clearly take more pride in their produce than Mr. Sub. The tomatoes are cut thicker, and in my opinion, red-er. The lettuce is also perfectly shredded (note: when putting lettuce on a sandwich or burger, the lettuce must be shredded or it’s not worth eating it at all). Every time I have a sub from Mr. Sub, the tomatoes are just a bunch of mush and the lettuce isn’t even crunchy. What is lettuce if it isn’t crunchy?

Reason #6: Subway is mentioned in a Migos song

“Yeah, dat way. I used to trap by the Subway” is a famous line from their song, Bad and Boujee. I guess this argument isn’t really relevant because Mr. Sub is only in Canada, but still…

So, you’ve heard what I have to say about the debate. What’s your preference – Subway or Mr. Sub? Comment below!

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Credit: XXL Mag

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  1. Good Guy Sub Lover says:

    I got roofied at a subway once and woke up in New Haven, Connecticut. Would not recommend going to Subway.


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