NBA: Why Raptors Fans Should Cherish This Moment

(Steve Russell/Toronto Star)

By: Rossy Pasternak


I can not believe this.

A Toronto sports team is two wins away from competing in the finals of their respective sport.

What it took for these Raptors to be in this position is nothing short of a miracle. First, they had to overcome a man on a mission, Paul George. Then, it was Father Prime, Dwayne Wade. This series, they have had to overcome two straight ugly losses on the road. Whatever you think about these Toronto Raptors, one thing is certain: they are resilient.

Much like their home city, these Raptors feel as if the odds are against them. No one wants to cross the border and have to travel with their passports. No one wants to go through customs. No one wants to venture into the North.

With this “us against the world” attitude, the Raptors and the Toronto fanbase have rallied back into contention. No longer are news websites discarding the Raptors as “other”. No longer do people speak of the Vince Carter Era as the best time in Raptors history.

Toronto is hitting its stride in the sporting world, and the enthusiasm and determination of the city’s fans and players are showing the world what Canada is made of.

The Toronto Blue Jays went on that magical run after the deadline and into the playoffs. The Maple Leafs have begun their rebuild, and it looks as though they are on, or near, the upswing as well. Even the Toronto FC have begun to show some life.

In a city, and a country, where winning has been rare in the past decade or so – almost half a century for the Leafs – we must cherish this time of success. Not often does it come around. My advice to my fellow sports fans is to soak in all of this success – it was a long time coming.

I marvel at the home crowds at these playoff games. Even in the Toronto-Boston series in 2013, Leafs fans were wild. The long run of lack failureĀ has Toronto fans oozing support for their finally flourishing sport teams.

Toronto, you have waited through long and hard years for this. You have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to support your teams. You have cheered them on, even as they lose more and more miserably each time. Finally, these teams are showing the city some love.

We know from experience how much losing sucks. We also know how hard it is to have success – we haven’t had any in god knows how long. So, when you are watching your Raptors play for a chance at the title, make sure to cheer a little harder, scream a little louder. The Raptors feed off of your support, just as you feed off of their play. They have brought us back to relevancy, so lets show them just how much Toronto sports fans can get behind a successful team.

We are not done. Toronto sports are in the best state they have been in a LONG time.

Thank you for doubting us, everyone.

Here we are, the North, stronger, and better, than ever before.

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