CBB: March Madness – National Championship Prediction


By: Adam Sussman

The National Championship game, and the end of the Madness, starts in just under an hour and thus is the perfect time for my predictions!

 The #2 Villanova Wildcats take on the #1 North Carolina Tar Heels tonight at 9:19pm. According to ESPN Bracket Challenge, more people picked Michigan State than any other team to be champions. However, that certainly does not make the Tar Heels presence in the finals an upset. They won the toughest division in NCAA basketball, where 4/8 Elite Eight teams were from the ACC. Nobody has been talking about them, but they are certainly talented enough and well deserving of this title. To be in the final game UNC went through Florida Gulf Coast, Providence, Indiana, Notre Dame and Syracuse. There star Brice Johnson will have a great game tonight and score well over his game average 20 points. In opposition, the team making all the headlines after a romping victory in the Final Four, the Villanova Wildcats are back in the championship game for the first time since 1985. They had to go through UNC Asheville, Iowa, Miami, Kansas and Oklahoma to be where they are tonight. The point of comparison for these two teams are the guard play of Villanova vs. the inside play of UNC. North Carolina is the more talented team and has the big men to control the paint and the boards. The Wildcats won’t be able to take advantage of post-ups in the paint and will have to rely heavily on perimeter shooting. Will Villanova’s guard take over this game and cause an upset or will powerhouse UNC claim the title they deserve? I believe Villanova will be able to pull off this win in what should be a high scoring event going down to the wire.

Thanks for reading all March long, and here’s until next year!

What do you think of Adam’s picks? Who do you think will win? Comment below!

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