MLB: World Series Report – After Two Games, K.C Up 2-0


By: Adam Pasternak

As much as it pains me to say, the Kansas City Royals are built to win a World Series. Not to take anything away from this year’s great New York Mets team, but K.C just has what it takes to win. When they’re down, they find a way to comeback and win. When they’re up, they’re very smart and strategic in how the keep their lead and close it out. Ned Yost, in my opinion, is one of the smartest postseason managers in history. He doesn’t wait for the bad to happen. When he senses that one of his pitchers is struggling, no matter at what point the game is at, he doesn’t wait and see if they can get out of it, he goes to his trusted and deep bullpen to get him out of it. But that wasn’t necessary last night. Johnny Cueto, or Johnny Beisbol as some call him, pitched the first complete game in a World Series by an AL pitcher since Jack Morris went 10 innings for the Minnesota Twins in the 1991 Fall Classic. They traded for Cueto at this summer’s trade deadline with the hope that he would lead them to a World Series title. Early on in the postseason, it did not look like he was poised to do so. He proved the doubters wrong last night though, and showed the K.C front office that it wasn’t a mistake to trade three top prospects for him.

The series has been fun to watch right from the beginning, starting with the first-pitch inside the park home-run by Royals postseason hero Alcides Escobar. He entered the game last night tied with teammate Lorenzo Cain for the franchise record for consecutive postseason games with a hit. All postseason he has been aggressive, swinging at what seems like every first pitch. Having him leadoff is huge for the Royals because he sets the tone for the game right away. It seems like he’s on base all the time and he’s a great asset to have.

The Mets are good, obviously, but also very young. They will get their title soon, I have no doubt in my mind about that, but they just don’t have the experience that K.C has. The Royals know how to win and will do anything to win, as seen in game 1 where Edison Volquez pitched not knowing that his father had passed. The family told the Royals not to tell him, but personally if that were me, how could you keep a secret so personal like that from someone? But enough about that. My point is that no matter the circumstances, the Royals stay in each and every game and have proven that you can never count them out regardless of the score. In the ALCS for example, in game 2, the Jays were blowing them out but they had a good 9th inning and the score ended up being 11-8. They made it closer than it should have ever been.

Watching this series and seeing all the talent on the field is really fun as a fan, but as someone who has followed baseball for a while now and witnessed both of these franchises overcome years of losing, to see where they are now is actually really special. I was able to see how a team can grow and develop their own players over time and eventually have those players lead them to a World Series berth (in the Royals case, in back to back years). An even more fascinating point to realize is that Lorenzo Cain and Alcides Escobar were traded to the Royals in return for then Royals ace and free agent to be, Zach Greinke, and now they are in the World Series for a second time and Greinke has barely made it out of the first round in his career. The Mets have the same thing with Syndergaard and D’arnaud, having acquired them for ex-Cy Young award winner and current Blue Jays knuckleballer, R.A Dickey. Both these teams have done a great job of developing their prospects and that is the reason why they are both so successful and contending for a World Series title. It would be nice for the Mets to take a game or two at home and make the series close, but in all reality, the Royals are the better team, and in my opinion, will come out on top. They have everything it takes to win, and the past two games have been proof of that.

Who do you think will take game 3? Will the Royals end up winning the title? Comment below!

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