MLB: The Jays Trading Tulo?


By: Adam Pasternak

My morning was going great until just about an hour ago. Why you might ask? Well, let me tell you. Like every morning, I woke up and checked my phone. Scrolled through Facebook and stumbled upon an article entitled, “If Anyone Traded From Blue Jays Core, It’s Tulo”. I instantly laughed, and then thought to myself, How could they write something like this? I was plain annoyed that someone could even write about this, let alone on the morning of game 1 of the World Series. It is like they don’t have anything to talk about with the Jays gone that they have to start rumours to generate buzz. It’s pathetic. The Jays just went on a magical playoff run that, at the beginning of the season, no one was expecting. They put a nation on their backs and almost took them to the promised land, and Troy Tulowitzki was a big part of that. After the Jays were eliminated, Tulo told reporters that originally he wasn’t happy about the trade because he was promised that he was going to be staying in Colorado for a long time after signing a monster extension, which is completely understandable. The media made it seem as if Tulo did not fit in with the rest of the Jays star-studded core, which just is not true. He may have been quieter than some other players or maybe was a step behind on everything just because of when he joined the team, but how can you even think of the possibility of trading a player some call the next Derek Jeter? Especially after looking at what we gave up for him. His defence is second to none and his career offensive numbers are phenomenal for a short-stop, he just struggled with the change of scenery. There’s no need to be alarmed though, he was just heard saying he is very excited for next season because he won’t need to work to fit in. He can just go right in and go straight to work. I expect a classic-Tulo season next year, getting back to that all-star caliber level of play we all know and love. He’s entering the latter years of his prime but he’s still the best in the business.

Jays fans, don’t get worried for a second that even if Anthopoulos isn’t the GM of this team come December, that anyone in their right mind would trade one of the MLB’s best shortstop’s in the last 10 years and ruin the best core in all of baseball. Tulo will be in Toronto until either his contract expires or until he can’t play productive baseball anymore. We have zero reason to even think about trading him. It makes me cringe that I am even writing about this, so I am going to stop and leave you with this. Don’t be fooled by this article, TULO IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

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  1. Josh says:

    If you watch the video associated with the headline, Stephen Brunt merely states that if ANYONE were to be traded from the Blue Jays, for say, a starting pitcher, that Tulo would be the most likely because they have Goins (who showed he deserves to play most days) and Travis up the middle. I don’t think anywhere did they suggest Tulo actually be traded, but that if anyone was gonna go, it could be him.


    1. SportsNak says:

      I agree but the point I tried to make was why even bother talking about that? Everyone knows no one is touching that core of Donaldson, Bautista, Edwin, Tulo, Martin, and to a certain extent, Revere. Bautista and Edwin are getting older and their deals expire after next season. I don’t see the Jays trading them, I think they’ll play the full year and we’ll probably only see one of them back after that and qualify the other to get a pick. Again, just my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own. Thanks for reading and giving feedback it’s much appreciated. Hope you keep reading and spread the word. Thanks again,


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