NBA: DeMarcus Cousins is a Legitimate NBA Superstar


By: Adam Pasternak

Something that has really come as a shock to me over the years is how most people have under-estimated Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins. His off-court issues in the past has blurred people’s observations of his play on the court. He’s been solid for a few years now, but only now have people realized how good DeMarcus Cousins is. After a breakout campaign last season where he averaged 24.1 points per game, 12.7 rebounds per game, and  1.8 blocks per game all while shooting a respectable 46% from the field, he established himself as one of the top players in the game. Those are big time numbers for a center. In my opinion, Boogie could be a dark-horse MVP candidate this year if the new look Kings can turn things around and start winning some games this season.

I can’t help but question the level of trust right now in the Kings organization. There were rumours of arguments between Boogie and legendary coach, George Karl. As well, it seemed that management wanted to trade DeMarcus but there seemed to be a miscommunication there. Add Rajon Rondo to the equation and this season could be a mess. Rondo has openly told the media that him and coach Karl have not been seeing eye to eye. The team has talent, but is also full of very large egos.

Rudy Gay is another guy who can have a good year if the Kings can gel. He’s been known to be a shot-chucker at times but if he can buy into the team system he could have a good year and create more space for Cousins to work. Their versatility also allows them to experiment with some different combinations of small ball lineups. They can place newly acquired Marco Belinelli at shooting guard or small forward, in certain situations. Another interesting addition this year is rookie Willie Cauley-Stein, another Kentucky player on the Kings. He’s extremely athletic and bouncy, and he’ll be entertaining to watch no doubt. Having stayed at school for three years, he has the maturity but does he have the work ethic? If he works hard and takes the game seriously, he will develop into a defensive nightmare for other team’s offences.

The depth the Kings have created allows DeMarcus Cousins to succeed, and I think he will. It’s an interesting mix of players but they have a good mix of young guys and veterans along with a very experienced head coach. They have all the makings to be a good team this season. The only thing stopping them is their personalities and egos. Can the Kings set their differences aside and play a team game?

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