MLB: World Series Preview – Kansas City Royals vs. New York Mets

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By: Rossy Pasternak

The narratives for the upcoming World Series between the New York Mets and Kansas City Royals are obvious. One team has built around its young stud pitchers, a foursome which any team would be jealous of. The other has built itself around fast athletic players who can defend extraordinarily and put the ball in play on offense, as well as one of the best bullpens in the history of the game. The Mets have deadline acquisition Yoenis Cespedes, one of the hottest players since the all-star break, – and a dark horse NL MVP candidate – as well as a player who has hit a home run in 6 straight games, an almost impossible feat, Daniel Murphy. The Royals are coming off one of their best regular seasons in team history, thanks to franchise cornerstone Alex Gordon, who is by far the best number 8 hitter in the league, as well as deadline acquisitions Ben Zobrist and Johnny Cueto.

What isn’t so obvious in this matchup is whether the power-pitching Mets can continue to stifle the best offences in the league, as they did with the Cubs? Or will the Royals continue to put the ball in play, and make things happen, as they did against the Blue Jays and Astros? Noah Syndergaard, Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom, and Steven Matz are four of the best young pitchers in the league, and closer Jeurys Familia is one of the lesser-known exceptional closers in the game today, but can they slow down the great Royals offence that goes 9 players deep? A lineup with a great mix of lefties and righties, power and contact, and speed and smart base running, this team has it all. And we haven’t even mentioned the trio of outstanding pitchers, Yordano Ventura, Edison Volquez and Cueto, who managed to, with the exception of Cueto, stifle debatably the best offence in MLB history. The Mets’ offence consists of Cespedes, Murphy, ageless wonder and team captain David Wright, and then a bunch of average to just above-average hitters such as Travis D’Arnaud, Curtis Granderson, and Lucas Duda, which is much less scary than Toronto’s “death row” of soon-to-be AL MVP Josh Donaldson, bat-flip god Jose Bautista, parrot-enthusiast Edwin Encarnacion, and the owner of the oldest glove in baseball, Troy Tulowitzki.

All-in-all, the Mets don’t have the pitching, or hitting, to keep up with the great rotation, bullpen, and lineup that GM Dayton Moore has created in Kansas City. No, there will not be any “Miracle Mets” this year. Kansas City, by far, has the best team in the MLB this year. The team, missing their biggest bullpen weapon, Greg Holland, seems to be made for playoff baseball. They play to their park, a wide outfield that rarely allows for homeruns. They also have the deepest team in the league, with a bullpen that goes 6 strong in the playoffs, with weapons at the back-end like Wade Davis and Kelvin Herrera, as well as regular season starters Danny Duffy and Kris Medlen ready to take over if a starter struggles. Their lineup goes 9 deep, with a very aggressive, contact-heavy approach that rarely allows for strikeouts, and puts a lot of stress on opposing pitchers and defenses. In this matchup, I just do not see any way that the Mets can overcome all of the strengths that these Royals posses. Royals in 5.

What do you think will happen in the World Series? Comment below!


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  1. murphsky says:

    Egregious, outrageous, preposterous as usual pnak.

    As much as I love him (and I realllly love him), Daniel Murphy a very average 2B, not even close to the best 2B in the NL and arguably not even the best 2B in this series. I’d give him about 0.5% chance of winning MVP. Sure he has blown up lately bc of his record-breaking homers in the post-season but I am fully expecting him to go 1 for 25 this series, as should any reasonable person. Okay, maybe not that bad, but expect some regression.

    Overall this will be a very interesting series since as many have pointed out we’re looking at teams with what are essentially polar-opposite styles. The Mets have far more power AND more discipline in their batters. But their defence is worse if that means much. I say give the edge to the Mets here, but then again I said the same thing about their matchup with the Jays, so who knows.
    When it comes to pitchers, one team has far better SP, the other is heavily invested in their bullpen. But with the acquisition of Clippard and the injury of Greg Holland, I think their bullpens are much closer than during the regular season. So overall I would say the mets look way better than the Royals. Like come on Matt harvey looks like Don draper from mad men minus the chiselled chin. Noah syndergaard IS a norse god. His flow is topped only by Jacob deGrom. Bartolo fucking Colon. Compare that to Johnny Cueto who looks like he’s put on a lot of weight recently… well actually the same goes for Harvey due to his cheese addiction so again I could be wrong.

    Hmm on second thought this matchup is really tight. It’s gonna be awesome series. But I have to give the edge to the Mets because fuck the Royals. What a bunch of punks. Mets in 30.


  2. murphsky says:

    I tried to comment but it’s not showing up? Once again outrageous pnak. You should fix this


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